An Artist 
and a Book (Andrey Surnov)

Andrey Surnov
Han Demin

Andrey Surnov is a freelance artist who is in Moscow, Russia. It is a book that interprets the work of an artist in my way. The artist's work is provocative and future-oriented. Partial work also highlights the phenomenon in which light varies with the position of focus as it passes through the camera lens. I express my respect for the artist through this book.

This book is for study and communication only. Other uses are prohibited. The purpose of this book is to show respect for Andrey Surnov and to learn from each other. It will not be used commercially or otherwise.

Andrey Surnov是一位俄罗斯莫斯科的艺术家。这是一本用我的方式诠释艺术家作品的书。这位艺术家的作品具有刺激性和前瞻性。部分作品还突出了光线在通过相机镜头时随焦点位置变化的现象。我通过这本书表达我对这位艺术家的敬意。

这本书仅供学习和交流之用。禁止其他用途。这本书的目的是为了表达对Andrey Surnov的尊敬和相互学习。它将不会用于商业或其他用途。