L1K2D Aromatic
Candle (Package Design)

L1K2D Aromatic Candle is designed to help people living in a fast-paced life. It is characterized by low profile, luxury and refinement. In the fast-paced life, aromatic candles have gradually become a part of young people's life. When you get home from work, light a favorite aromatic candle and sit on the sofa and read a book. This lifestyle has become the norm for young people in first-tier and second-tier fast-paced cities. Scented candles are relaxing, give off a pleasant smell when burned, and good scented candles have soothing effects such as nerves. Cutting back on unnecessary things is actually more effective when people need to relax and be quiet. Therefore, the packaging design of L1K2D scented candle implements the principle of subtraction in the design of product structure and layout, and strives to make the product give users the highest sense of comfort and experience.